“…Become wise by walking with the wise; hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces…”. (Proverbs 13:20)

It’s not only important how we spend our time but with whom we spend it. The only thing that’s keeping some people from a new level of their destiny is wrong friendships. You may have to prune off some relationships that are not adding value to your life. Don’t hang around with people who are not going anywhere, who have no goals or dreams, who compromise and take the easy way out. If you hang out with jealous, critical, unhappy people, you will end up jealous, critical and unhappy.
In Matt 13:23 Jesus told a parable of a sower also known as the parable of the four soils. Some of the seed fell on a good ground,flourished and produced great crops but some fell on rocky ground, and lacking soil and deep roots, its plants withered.

Remember all the seed was the same quality but the soil. You are a seed. You are full of gifts,talents and potential but if you plant yourself in unhealthy soil,if you hang around with friends who compromise and pull you down, you won’t see the growth you should. Take a look at your friends. If they are winners, leaders,givers and successful. If they have integrity and a spirit of excellence and are positive and motivated, those good qualities are going to rub off on you. Invest your time with them and they’re going to make you better.
“OUR SEASON OF OVERFLOW”. He has made all things well!